January 29, 2023

10 Best Pittsburgh Engagement Photo Locations

If you are reading this there is a good possibility that you just got engaged; YAY! I remember when I got engaged the possibilities for places to take our engagement photos felt endless… Pittsburgh is such a wonderful city with so many wonderful places. Also when working with my couples I find so many of them are hoping for my recommendations for their engagement photos because it can all feel a little overwhelming.

I have compiled a list of my favorite places for engagement sessions that I have personally photographed and have broken them down below into categories to hopefully make your decision easier! 

City Feel: If you love the city, and want locations that work in any season – no having to worry about dead trees, frozen water, etc. an engagement session at one of these locations is the right fit for you! 

  • West End – Elliott Overlook Park at Marlow St, Pittsburgh, PA 15205

To find this spot you simply follow your GPS to that address and walk through the magical archway into my personal favorite overlook location. This park is the best of the overlooks and a natural park setting combined into one! I find couples love the idea of using an overlook; or in true Yinzer fashion got engaged on Grandview Ave.! but they aren’t the most diverse for a wide array of photos; because of this I always recommend the West End Overlook Park to them – you get the city skyline you want but also diversity from the trees, walking paths, and of course that magical archway and path I mentioned before! 

  • Station Square – 160 E Carson St, Pittsburgh, PA 15219

I always recommend parking in the East Lot and walking down the road. If you are a city lover and want the skyline or more modern/urban vibes in your engagement photos Station Square is a great fit for you! It has glass walkways, the city and river as a backdrop, and a few different fun areas perfect for your engagement photos – a boat launch, a water fountain, and if you are there at night a lot of the signs along Station Square light up to illuminate you and your love! 

  • Highline – 339 McKean St, Pittsburgh, PA 15219

This spot is becoming more popular everyday, and I cannot be mad at it! I discovered this spot through a couple of mine and have been in love ever since. It is incredibly easy to get to and maneuver through as a couple with heels and fancy clothes on! You simply park in the garage underneath the building and take the stairs or elevator up – just be sure to pay attention to when the building closes! I love this spot because it is incredibly unique – it has the vibes of a warehouse, the city behind you, and if you are lucky you may catch a train going across the bridge at the perfect time. But also the highline is connected to the color park and the heritage trail, providing a little bit of all worlds to make for a very unique and fun engagement session. 

  • Riverfront Walk – North Shore 

I always recommend meeting at the Mister Rogers statue to start your engagement session. There is parking all along this area and is easy to get to! Golden hour at the Riverfront is one of the most quintessentially Pittsburgh locations to me – the way the light reflects off the water, buildings, golden bridges, etc. makes for a very magical time along this walking trail. I love this spot because there are so many areas to sit, stand, dance, move etc. and it will never produce a bad backdrop! Also – if you are a Pittsburgh sports fan you can follow this trail to Acrisure Stadium to take some photos outside, and at the other end it leads you to the Science Center! 

Unique Park Feel: If you want a park location that is a little more unique, but yet still very Pittsburgh, these are the spots for you! 

  • Schenley Park & Phipps Conservatory – 1 Schenley Drive, Pittsburgh, PA 15213

I always recommend meeting my couples at Phipps, even though it costs money to take photos inside, the outside of Phipps is incredibly unique on its own and makes for a very modern and timeless glass backdrop to your photos. From there you can easily walk down into Schenley Park where you can utilize old steps, bridges, and create beautiful contrast to the modern glass of Phipps. 

  • Mellon Park – 1047 Shady Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15232

While Mellon Park is very popular and often crowded on a Summer’s evening this is for a reason! Mellon Park is so unique and provides such an elegant old world feel. If you want to feel fancy and if your wedding has a sort of vintage or very elegant princess feel you will feel very at home at Mellon Park. If you have some patience and a good photographer to maneuver you around other couples you will find Mellon Park can be an incredible spot for inspiration for your engagement photos; especially when the fountain is on in the Summer!

Nature Feel: If you use the word “rustic” or “woodsy” to describe your wedding or you are getting married in a barn, log cabin, etc. these are the locations for you! These are for the outdoors lovers, those who camp and hike for fun.

  • Moraine State Park – 225 Pleasant Valley Rd, Portersville, PA 16051

If you are open to a little bit of a drive outside of the city you may find Moraine an amazing spot. I do have to admit I am a little biased here because my engagement session was at Moraine! I specifically recommend the Bear Run Boat Ramp area to my couples. At this location there are some breathtaking spots – opportunities to go out on rocks extending into the lake, open fields for frollicking and cuddling, and in the summer the wildflowers grow free for hiding and holding each other in. I truly love this one!

  • Wingfield Pines – 1560 Mayview Rd, Pittsburgh, PA 15241

Wingfield Pines is one of the most underrated natural engagement session locations! You park in a tiny lot and walk down a path that leads you to an untouched natural reserve with trees and high grass and so many natural areas to make your engagement session playground. 

  • Fall Run Park – 187 Fall Run Rd, Glenshaw, PA 15116

 It requires a little bit of a walk to get to but the waterfalls along the Fall Run Park trail make this the spot for a nature-themed engagement session. If you are down to get a little wet and have a lot of fun, this is the spot for you! Imagine kissing and dancing under a waterfall during your engagement session… pure magic! If you still are not sold there are also bridges over small creeks and so many other amazing areas to inspire your love in all your photos. 

A Place of Significance – My final recommendation is a place that is significant for you! If you had your first date at Point State Park, if you met for the first time at a Pirates game, if you got engaged during a picnic in your parents backyard! Wherever is special for you provides an extra special feeling for your engagement photos.

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